Welcome to GradOPS

The Graduate Organization of Physics and Astronomy Students (GradOPS) is an official organization of the graduate students of the UC Davis Department of Physics and Astronomy. All physics and astronomy graduate students are automatically members of GradOPS. This group serves as a voice for the graduate students to the Physics and Astronomy faculty and staff.  It seeks to better the department by seeking out graduate student involvement and building community. GradOPS intends to promote equity and quality within the department by putting all students on an equal footing and improving their standing in the department.

The GradOPS Council is an annually elected body responsible for management of the organization. The current representatives are:
arXivist: Ian Lim (4th year, Quantum Information)
Graduate Liaison: Rodrigo Stancioli (4th year, Astrophysics)
Community Representative: Darshana Mehta (1st year)
Diversity Representative: Pratik Gandhi (5th year, Astrophysics)
Treasurer: Arsalan Adil (5th year, Cosmology)
External Affairs Officer: Patrick Wells (5th year, Astrophysics)

If you have any questions or comments for our council, you can reach us at gradops@ucdavis.edu.