Mentorship Program

Goals of the program
Each mentee and mentor will be able to decide exactly what they would like to get out of the program, but a few benefits GradOPS would like everyone to receive include:
For Mentees
  • A smoother transition into the department/university/City of Davis
  • A friendly face(s) outside of your year
  • Someone to point you to useful resources
For Mentors
  • The satisfaction of helping another student
  • Developing¬†mentorship¬†skills
  • An opportunity to reflect on growth since 1st year

How it works

Shortly before the beginning of Fall Quarter each year, an email will be sent with a form to sign up for the program as a mentee or a mentor. You will have the option to sign up for a one-on-one mentoring relationship, or to participate in group events only.

Group-Only Mentorship

As a mentee or a mentor, you will be able to attend group events that interest you with little commitment. As a mentor, this is a good option if you want to meet and help out the new students, but travel often or may graduate before the year ends. As a mentee, this is a good option if you would like the social benefits of the mentorship program, but do not think you will need the attention of a one-on-one relationship.

One-on-one Mentorship
  • Each 1st year student (mentee) will be matched with a more senior student (mentor) using the mentee-mentor matching forms
  • One year commitment (Fall to Fall)
  • Obligations:
    • Fill out the mentee-mentor matching form (will be sent out before the start of Fall Quarter each year)
    • One time orientation at the beginning of fall quarter (everyone attends), this will include introductions, guidelines, usually snacks and activities
    • One-on-one meetings with a frequency agreed upon by mentee and mentor with a minimum of once a quarter. These can be formal, like in an office, or informal like in a coffee shop.
    • Quarterly whole-group get-togethers. These meetings will be mostly social and only strongly recommended, rather than required.
    • Quarterly short surveys to check in on satisfaction with relationship, etc. in order to make immediate improvements in the relationship.
    • End of year longish survey to give detailed feedback in order to make long term improvements to the program.

Some highlights from 2019 social events

Game Night, Winter 2019
Bowling at the Memorial Union, Summer 2019
Bowling at the Memorial Union, Summer 2019